"UNITY is STRENGTH...when there's teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved!"


Inspiring a great love of dance and respect of the performing arts by providing a structured, positive, and competitive team culture for a group of extremely self-driven dancers, who are very serious about dancing and bettering themselves individually for the greater good of THE TEAM!


1.      To provide a unique opportunity for like-minded, serious dancers to grow their technique through more intensive training, constructive feedback, and targeted skill development.

2.      To empower dancers to achieve NEW LEVELS of ARTISTRY and PERFORMANCE.

3.      Through competition experiences, provide dancers with a venue in which to take POSITIVE RISKS, build CONFIDENCE, learn from CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK, foster RESILIENCE, and enhance DETERMINATION.

4.      Being a part of the Elite Dance Company provides dancers with a chance to BUILD STRONG, LIFE-LONG BONDS with peers through shared passions, experiences, and memories. 


We're looking forward to a successful competition season! Let's Werk!!!