2022-2023 classes

Louisiana Dance Powerhouse offers a variety of classes with options available

for students ages 3-18. Whether a student  chooses to dance for their personal enjoyment or would like to take their dance training to the next level, we have a class for you! 

classes offered

Class placement is determined according to age and ability.

Adjustments may be made when necessary.

Decisions about class placement will be made by the teachers.

  • Combination Classes (Ages 3-18)

    Primary - Jr Advanced Combo Classes - Ballet, Tap, & Jazz

    Advanced Combo Classes - Contemporary Lyrical, Tap, & Jazz (A separate Ballet class is required for Teen-Advanced combo classes!)

    Our combo classes provide our students with a strong foundation in dance technique while developing discipline, grace, poise, coordination, strength, flexibility, and enhance the dancer's creativity, technical, and performance ability. Primary/Intermediate classes perform 2 routines in our annual revue. All other classes perform 3 routines.

  • Hip Hop Classes (Ages 3-18)

    As one of the most popular forms of dance today, Hip Hop at LADP is a high energy class teaching students to express themselves through free style movements to help develop their own sense of style. This is a performance class and will perform a routine in our annual revue.

  • Classical Ballet (Ages 7-18)

    Ballet is the foundation of all dance. This class is offered for students to further their dance training and technique in classical ballet. This is a performance class and will perform a routine in our annual ballet revue production.

  • Pointe (Ages 11-18)

    Designed for students with previous ballet training to utilize previously learned ballet technique and concepts while working in pointe shoes with a focus on strengthening the feet and ankles. PreRequisite - At teacher's discretion; Students must have previous years of ballet experience.

  • Cheer & Tumbling (Ages 4-18)

    Cheer & Tumbling classes at LADP will train students with the proper technique to excel in the sport of cheerleading and to prepare students for middle and high school cheerleading in a non-competitive environment. This class primarily focus on tumbling, jumps, and motions (no stunts). This is a performance class and will perform a routine in our annual revue.