2020-2021 classes

Louisiana Dance Powerhouse offers a variety of classes with options available

for students ages 2.5 thru adults. Whether a student  chooses to dance for their personal enjoyment or would like to take their dance training to the next level, we have a class for you! 

classes offered

Class placement is determined according to age and ability.

Adjustments may be made when necessary.

Decisions about class placement will be made by the teachers.

First day of classes starts August 17, 2020!

  • Combination Classes (Ages 2.5+)

    Primary - Jr Advanced Combo Classes - Ballet, Tap, & Jazz

    Teen-Advanced Combo Classes - Contemporary Lyrical, Tap, & Jazz (A separate Ballet class is required for Teen-Advance combo classes!)

    Our combo classes provides our students with a strong foundation in dance technique while developing discipline, grace, poise, coordination, strength, flexibility, and enhance the dancer's creativity, technical, and performance ability. Primary/Intermediate classes perform 2 routines in our annual revue. All other classes perform 3 routines.

  • Hip Hop Classes (Ages 4+)

    As one of the most popular forms of dance today, Hip Hop at LADP is a high energy class teaching students to express themselves through free style movements to help develop their own sense of style. This is a performance class and will perform a routine in our annual revue.

  • Classical Ballet (Ages 6+)

    Ballet is the foundation of all dance. This class is offered for students to further their dance training and technique in classical ballet. This is a performance class and will perform a routine in our annual ballet revue production.

  • Pointe (Ages 11+)

    Designed for students with previous ballet training to utilize previously learned ballet technique and concepts while working in pointe shoes with a focus on strengthening the feet and ankles. PreRequisite - At teacher's discretion; Students must have previous years of ballet experience.

  • Cheer & Tumbling (Ages 4+)

    Cheer & Tumbling classes at LADP will train students with the proper technique to excel in the sport of cheerleading and to prepare students for middle and high school cheerleading in a non-competitive environment. This class primarily focus on tumbling, jumps, and motions (no stunts). This is a performance class and will perform a routine in our annual revue.